Moving Blog to Tumblr

I have decided to move my blog to Tumblr as many people have. It's just an easier format. If you would like to still follow my posts, process, show updates, new art, ect please stop on over to Tumblr and add me. AK Tumblr

I can also be found on FB, Twitter and IG (@auniakahn).

This will be the last post on this blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to be a part!


Selling Art & Creative Goods on the Internet

After having a discussion with other artists, I came to the decisions to write a blog review about selling artwork on the internet and why it's important to work with a venue that best shares your creations in a classy, easy to use, and welcoming platform.

Overall, as artists, and creatives there are so many options to sell your work on the internet, which include places like Etsy, Ebay, Cargoh, Zibbet, Deviant Art, or more mainstream places like Cafe Press or Zazzle which I am not a huge fan of personally.

Do you want your store to be professional looking, extremely easy to navigate, welcoming to prospective buyers while remaining very personalized to your work, and alleviate the huge on-line (flee)marketplace that supports the over commercialized "lets throw your art on a mouse-pad" feeling?

Then Big Cartel is for you, and here is why.

I signed up for Big Cartel 2 years ago, and have fallen more in love with them ever since. In the beginning they offered so much more than any of the places I listed above and are always adding new features. They are geared towards artists, musicians, clothing designers and more. With a kick-ass but classy interface, very personalized pages, and the back end configuration system that is so easy to use - you can't go wrong!


  • You can pull up statistics, see the amount of views on each item, check out where and how people are finding your store, what they are searching for, how many visitors your store receives each day, view referring website links, and much more!
  • There is the option to use HTML and make your listing or page unique.
  • An amazing feature is the ability to choose multiple size/color options for one listing, so that you will not have to list the item more than once to share the options with your buyers (exp: T-Shirt Sizes, Print Sizes).
  • Items can be listed as "Hidden", "On Hold", "Sold Out", or placed on "Sale". They even offer a personalized "Coupon Code" option.
  • Free to use, or you can purchase upgraded plans. There are NO final sales fees or listing fees.
  • Facebook integration which is amazing if you have a FB page where you want people to reach your store easy
  • You can specify your stores currency
  • Discounts are easy to apply to one item, or many items and can be marked for a time frame and can be set to expire on a specific date. 

I am sure I am missing something, but if you want to learn more for yourself please head over to the Big Cartel and check it out. They will not disappoint you! After 2 years of using Big Cartel as my store of choice to sell originals, prints, one a of a kind jewelry, etc. I really love them, and I don't say that lightly.